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What is it that sets Home Selling Assistance apart from the many real estate companies you have to choose from in selling your home? The biggest difference is that our fee to sell your home is only 1.75% to 5.95%, depending on which of our programs you choose. Our concept is an entirely new way to look at selling real estate, a way that is often misunderstood by other real estate firms.


Home Selling Assistance is not a "For Sale By Owner" firm – we are a full service real estate brokerage committed to selling your house at the best price while saving you thousands of dollars.

Spend a few minutes learning how Home Selling Assistance is revolutionizing the way people sell their homes, and you will see why the choice is clear.


How Are REALTORS Paid?


Most realtors work solely on commission, with no retainer or stipend from either their clients or their Broker (i.e. the real estate main office). They receive a percentage of the commission fee that is paid to the broker by the seller when the home goes to settlement. The percentage the agent receives from their broker varies from agent to agent and broker to broker.

If a listing broker charges you 6% or 7% to sell your house, they may offer half that fee to a selling broker through the MLS, retaining the other half. How does Home Selling Assistance differ? Depending upon which of our programs you choose, Home Selling Assistance still offers the competitive 3% to 4% of our total fee to the selling broker. So even though you pay less, there is just as great an incentive for other Realtors to show your home as if you were paying a 6% or 7% fee.

Remember that most realtors work on commission, so the more a seller offers the selling broker, the more incentive agents have to show your home.


How Are Commission Fees Split?


In many cases, the listing broker may keep half or more of the total commission and pay the difference to the selling ("Co-op") broker. The brokers, in turn, split their fee with the respective listing/selling agents in accordance with their internal percentage agreements. 


Advantages of Listing Your Home With Home Selling Assistance
Home Selling Assistance offers a variety of home selling programs - for less!

  • Home Selling Assistance realtors have the freedom and flexibility to negotiate terms and fees. Ask the competition if they can do that.
  • You have the flexibility and peace of mind of not being locked into a long-term contract.
  • You receive full Multiple Listing services.
  • You can choose from our variety of programs to meet your budget and service needs.
  • You pay no marketing fees. Marketing, including advertising and internet exposure, is included in our low-rate programs.
  • You work with industry professionals, each averaging over 10 years experience.
  • Home Selling Assistance is a locally owned and operated company providing full hands-on service. Home Selling Assistance agents live and work in your neighborhoods, and as a result have the "inside" knowledge necessary to tailor the most effective marketing program for YOUR home.

Some Say Home Selling Assistance Doesn't...But We Certainly Do!

  • Advertise your home in local papers
  • Advertise on the internet
  • Place your home on the Multiple List (MLS)
  • Give you full service
  • Provide professional signs
  • Provide listing brochures
  • Provide full 7-day phone coverage
  • Set the showing appointments
  • Offer nationwide relocation services
  • Actually offer the commissions we advertise
  • Cooperate with other Brokers
  • Pre-qualify buyers
  • Do the paperwork
  • Coordinate inspections
  • Attend settlement

So how does Home Selling Assistance do it?


  • Higher sales volume – By charging sellers less in commission, we attract more of today's savvy home sellers, who realize that higher fees do not necessarily translate into better service.
  • Higher commission splits between Agent and Broker – Even though Home Selling Assistance  charges less, our agents receive a larger portion of the commission fee paid to the Broker. Thus there is no need for our agents to charge you higher fees in order to receive a competitive commission.
  • Does a lower commission fee translate into a lower standard of service? Definitely not. Home Selling Assistance is a full-service real estate company providing all you'd expect from the big name companies, but without the big bite out of your hard-earned home equity.
  • Low overhead – Most of our agents have the capacity to work from their home offices, eliminating the need for large staff or multiple corporate offices. We maintain one central office, so our overhead is low.
  • We are committed to providing you with the service you deserve from our industry professionals, many of whom have made the move from the "big boys" to be a part of our winning team.